Food Labels Canada

The Canadian food industries solution for product labels and nutritional analysis

Food labels Canada assists domestic and international food companies with their food product labeling to ensure 100% compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency label requirements. These regulations are under the Safe Foods for Canadians Act, the Food and Drugs Act, and Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act.


Food Labels Canada also provides information to consumers about the nutrition facts table to allow consumers to make informed, effective choices about their food decisions.

Food Labels Canada

is a provider of Canadian food label consulting services and nutritional analysis

Working With Us

We guarantee 100% Canadian Food Inspection Agency label regulation compliance, with accurate and timely service. Click below for more details on our Canadian label consulting services and how we can help...

  • Import a new Food Product
  • Receive a Compliant Food Label and
    Get Nutritional Analysis
  • CFIA Regulatory Support

For The Public

What you should look for when reading a Canadian Nutrition facts table. Click below for  additional information...

  • Nutritional Information
  • What to look for on labels