Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Canadian food products require a Nutrition Facts Label?

No, not all Canadian foods require a Nutrition Facts Label.  In general, the following list of foods do not require one: Fresh vegetables and fruits, raw meat and poultry (except when the meat is ground), Raw fish and seafood, foods prepared or processed at the store (bakery items, salads, etc.), foods such as coffee, tea, herbs and spices.

Am I able use the same Nutrition Fact Label for Canada as I would use for the United States or other countries?

No. The label requirements are different for each country.  Some differences include: variant rounding rules, different ingredient statement, allergen statement, size and format requirements.  Also many countries have their own established Daily Values.

How do I know if I will need laboratory analysis for my food product?

Due to their complex nature, these foods commonly need laboratory analysis:

  • Fermented products, such as beer or wine.
  • Complex recipes that may be brined or marinated.
  • Brewed products, such as coffee or tea.

Please contact us to discuss your food product. We can determine if your product will need laboratory testing.

Why do I need to supply nutrition information for processed foods used in my recipe?

We require all processed foods used in your recipe to have a copy of the nutrition facts label, ingredient statement, and allergen statement. This is to ensure that your nutritional information is accurate as we load the processed foods used in your recipe into our database analysis software. This ensures that the labelling results are specific to your ingredients. 

Does the pricing include lab testing for food products if necessary?

No. The listed pricing are for a database analysis of recipes and the creation of a food label that complies with Canadian regulations. No food samples will need to be sent to a lab for this service. The vast majority of food recipes can be processed through our database analysis software. Lab Testing is sometimes needed, and our staff will be able to assist throughout the process.

How long does it take to do a Canadian food label review?

If all the information is available typical turnaround is in 2-3 days, however there are also many food products that have unique regulation requirements. These products require up to 10 business days to complete a full Canadian food label review for regulation compliance.

Having a team of nutrition labelling experts to assist you can be an invaluable resource. At Food Labels Canada we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions.