Food Importing

Food Import: Full investigation and government application process to ensure your new food product is successfully imported and sold in the Canadian market.

  • Complete Service package
  • Food product requirement investigation
  • Application paperwork completion
  • Supplier detail obtained
  • Government forms submitted on your behalf

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Food Importing assistance - Are you importing a food product into Canada and unsure if Canadian regulations are being met? Regulations on the composition and labelling of food products can vary from country to country, and imported foods may require formula changes and/or updated labelling to meet Canadian laws. Canadian Regulations specify requirements for content, format and placement of mandatory information.


Food Labels Canada offers food product importing services. We investigate the specific requirements that are applicable to your food product to enter the Canadian marketplace. A complete service is provided throughout the application process as the necessary documentation is collected and government forms submitted. We ensure you meet standards as prescribed in the applicable regulations (such as the Food and Drug Regulations, Meat Inspection Regulations, Processed Products Regulations, Dairy Products Regulations, Honey Regulations, etc.)

Having a team of nutrition labelling experts to assist you can be an invaluable resource. At Food Labels Canada we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions.

If you need some assistance deciding between the Food Labels Canada consulting options, a customer service representative will be able to discuss your individual needs and help you decide what type of support you require for a particular issue. Simply contact us through the contact page and a representative will return your inquiry.