Full Label Compliance

Food Labels Canada offers two label compliance product options. If the food product does not currently have a food label please select the standard package. If the food product needs to have a current label adjusted to meet CFIA requirements please select the label review package.

Food Labels Canada can create or modify a food product label to comply with Canadian government regulations. Having a team of nutrition labelling experts to assist you can be an invaluable resource. At Food Labels Canada we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions.

Standard Label Compliance

Standard: Creation of a Bilingual Canada CFIA regulated single food product; calculations for mandatory components on Nutrition Facts.


This is the complete food labelling package and contains the below features:

  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Bilingual Nutrition Facts Table
  • List of Ingredients (English and French)
  • Allergen compliance
  • Product naming (Common name / Standard of identity)
  • Health Claims
  • Organic Claims
  • Product grades
  • Country of Origin labelling
  • Net Quantity / Standard container size
  • Label layout
  • Final label review

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Standard Label Details

Nutrition Facts Table - Based on our database nutrition analysis of your recipe formulation or your laboratory data, along with your package size and label dimensions, Food Labels Canada determines the serving size, applies rounding rules, calculates % Daily Values, and then prepares a Nutrition Facts Table that is fully compliant. You will receive a graphic file to provide to your printer, artist, or package designer, along with back-up documentation for your file.


Ingredient Statements (English and French) - A prepared clear, concise, and consumer-friendly ingredient statement that is based on your recipe formulation and raw material specifications. We review your formulation to ensure all ingredients are permitted in Canada and food additives are within the prescribed maximum levels. The text of the statement can be provided directly to your printer, artist, or package designer, along with back-up documentation for your file.


Allergen Compliance - Correct text for an allergen statement and advise on any necessary label warnings for ingredients that may pose a health risk.


Product Naming & Label Claims - We will provide regulatory guidance for naming your product to ensure that the product identity you use will comply with CFIA standards of identity or common/usual names for non-standard foods.

Health Claims - Provide guidance on nutrient content claims, health claims, and structure/function claims.


Organic Claims - Regulated label statements (organic, natural, etc.) as a part of this package.


Product Grades - Depending on the food commodity, grades are either mandatory or may be used on a voluntary basis. We will advise if there are prescribed grade standards for your product .


Country of Origin labelling - In Canada, there are mandatory requirements for certain food products to indicate the country of origin on their labels. Companies may also make origin claims to highlight the origins of a product or ingredient in a product.


Net Quantity/ Standard container size - In addition to the net quantity declaration, some processed foods are subject to standardized container sizes. We will advise if there are prescribed sizes for your product.


Label Layout Instructions - You will receive a written set of instructions that your package designer can follow when designing your label prototype. This will include information about placement and minimum type size for all required label components.


Final Label Review - Once label artwork is complete, we will conduct a final label review prior to print to ensure CFIA compliance.

Label Review

Label Review: Review of previously produced current food product label.

This package is perfect for the resale of pre-packaged food products that do not currently meet the Canadian requirements.

  • Preliminary label review
  • Bilingual Nutrition Facts Table based on your current label
  • Ingredient Statement (English and French)
  • Allergen compliance
  • Complete adjustments required
  • Final Label review

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Label Review Details

Preliminary Label Review - Evaluation and recommendations of label components and copy for a single label. Includes a written report that outlines changes required for regulatory compliance. 

Bilingual update - Updates Nutrition Facts table, ingredient statement and allergen statement to comply with Canadian bilingual requirements.


Final Label Review - Final check to ensure regulatory compliance on the same product label.

The Standard package and Label Review corrects any non-compliant issues and provides a layout that is easily processed by a graphic design professional. All products are guaranteed 100% CFIA compliance based on regulations at the time of service.

If you need some assistance deciding between the Food Labels Canada consulting options, a customer service representative will be able to discuss your individual needs and help you decide what type of support you require for a particular issue. Simply contact us through the contact page and a representative will return your inquiry.