How Canada's food safety system works

Under the Food and Drugs Act, anyone who sells food in Canada is responsible for making sure it is safe to eat. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) enforces federal food safety regulations for both domestic and imported food.


Even in a modern, effective food safety system such as Canada's, risks cannot be completely eliminated when unsafe food enters the marketplace. The CFIA works with the company to ensure that the public is informed and that the recall was effective at removing products from the market.


Consumers can help protect themselves and their families by following safe food handling practices at home.

Food Labels Canada provides a detailed description of the information provided to consumers on food product labels. We also provide links to excellent external resources to assist consumers in making healthy food choices.

Food Labels provide the information on a product which allows consumers to make informed, effective choices and guard against misrepresentation and fraud. The label provides information about safe food handling and a forum essential for a fair level playing field in the marketplace.