Food Labels Canada

Food Labels Canada provides Food consulting services to industry. This allows companies with the information to accurately inform the Canadian public about their food products. We are responsible for providing companies with food product labels that meet the Canadian Food regulations.

Focused on the details

Nutritional information is important to Canadian consumers and with the use of database and or lab analysis, Food Labels Canada provides accurate nutritional analysis for food products sold in Canada.


Our staff are continually training to keep up to date with any new regulations required by government and regulating bodies for food products.  If your company has any regulatory questions for imported food products our staff can provide accurate and timely responses to your needs. Click below for specific information...


Let our strengths be your winning strategy. The Hexagon shape is prevalent in nature due to its efficiency. The hexagon in our logo symbolizes our drive to answer your questions and regulatory issues as competently and effectively as possible. Each side stands for a core value integral to the operating climate of Food Labels Canada.  

Relationships - We focus on building strong working and interpersonal relationships with consumers, clients, and the stakeholders who are affected by our actions.

Service - We are proud to provide world class service to our clients and the Canadian public.

Virtue - We value qualified, competent, and righteous personnel who strive for moral and ethical results.

Rigour - We have professional and technical competence with scientific rigour to provide precision and accuracy in our results.

Integrity - We behave in an honest way both internally and externally to preserve trust and credibility.

Respect - We show appreciation and consideration for our clients and the Canadian public.

Climate and Values

Careers with Food Labels Canada

If you have experience in the food industry and find our business climate and values similar to your own then you may be a right fit with us.

Food Labels Canada offers a variety of opportunities dependent upon your academic background and interests. If you are seeking a dynamic and challenging career then we may be right for you.

Current openings

We currently do not have any openings, however you can submit your cover letter and resume here.

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